About me

so, who the heck am I?

well, I’m just a girl who completed a Whole30 in January of 2013 and loved the results so much that I permanently changed the way I eat and look at food.  During that month, I also realized just how difficult it is to eat clean unless you cook every single meal at home… and let’s be honest, most of us just don’t have the time to do that these days.  thus, a passion was born- bring restaurant-quality food to any cave-person’s home!

but first, I enrolled in Culinary School in order to learn all of the traditional cooking techniques and other food knowledge that would help me succeed.  One year later and I’m oh-so-close to being done!  huzzah! :)


fun facts:

first name: Johanna

nickname(s): Jo, JoJo

age: a ripe ol’ 30! haha

hometown: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

current city: Chicago, IL

favorite sayings: “Bacon cures all”, “Let food be thy medicine”, “#fatmakesyouphat”

I also enjoy: coffee, exploring Chicago, decorating our new apt, putting together cute outfits for my days off from restaurant life.




paleo jo selfie

this is me, hanging out on a cool Summer evening at a coffee shop near my apt in Chicago.