of the refrigerator variety. Paleo Jo isn’t quite ready for fermentation.  and, yes, i just referred to myself in the 3rd person.  cuz that’s how i roll! jk.

ok, so the pickles.  i wanted pickles and i wanted to make them myself.  i’ve watched the “Dill-icious” episode of Good Eats a couple of times, and i remembered that he makes a refrigerator pickle as well as a fermented kind, so i knew it’d be easy to make these bad boys myself.  i wanted a more complex flavor profile than just dill, so a little more searching lead me to this Ted Allen recipe:


Ted says you can use this recipe to make any kind of pickle, but i really just wanted cucumber pickles, so i used a pack of small picking cuckes.  i think there were 5 or 6 in the pack.  i cut them in quarters.  this recipe makes 2 quart-sized jars, and i only wanted 1 so i cut everything in half, and, i wanted a bit of heat so i added 1/4 tsp red pepper flake. and, voila! my pickles we born!  now i need to make a 2nd batch for the Sur la Table kitchen staff picnic, which, sadly, i cannot attend bc i’ll be in class!  at least i’ll be there in pickle spirit!

for the record, the whole coriander seed was a bit difficult to find- i had to check a couple of stores before i found it not pre-ground.  the good thing is that i now have everything i need to pickle the hell outta anything- all i need is fresh veggies! :)


enjoy in good health! <3